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Nothing is safe from a disco makeover! You should see Make It Disco HQ. Disco window sills, disco desk legs... disco boots! I hand make everything, so if there's a disco thing you're dreaming of, drop me a message and let's make it happen!

Big shiner? Little twinkler? Nothing is impossible.
When it's handmade.

who, what, how?

Make It Disco came about on a slow day during lock down (remember that?!) As a self confessed plant addict, I hit on the idea of making my own plant pots. Pair that with an obsession with anything shiny, I married my two loves together and Make It Disco was born! There's no fancy marketing team here. No factory churning stuff out. Just me, Natalie, my little workshop (ahem, spare bedroom) and the dogs! And because I hand make everything, I can make sure it looks the absolute tits before leaving my door.  If you don't see what you're looking for, fret not! Drop me a message, and let's Make It Disco!

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